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Mindjet is the parent company of MindManager, the world’s leading professional information and mind mapping diagramming software for individuals and organisations. With over 4,500 companies and 2.5 million paid users, including 83% of the Fortune 100, MindManager enables brainstorming and creative problem solving, improves communication and information management, and gives users the ability to plan and complete projects more efficiently and effectively.

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Mindjet also offers MindManager Enterprise as part of a licence program, starting at 10 licences. Adapted to businesses and teams, MindManager Enterprise offers powerful functions to create, communicate and coordinate projects and knowledge within the company. It enables employees to use maps to collaborate and share information. In particular, users can also make use of the integration with the functions of Microsoft SharePoint to manage projects.

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Who MindManager Helps

MindManager and MindManager Enterprise are used by companies across several industries, departments and fields of activities:

  • IT e.g. project management, application planning, Agile projects and Scrum Methodology
  • R&D/PRODUCTION e.g. creative process, detailed condition analysis, quality and risk management
  • MARKETING e.g. marketing plans, events and campaign management, budget calculation
  • HUMAN RESOURCES e.g. onboarding processes, org charts, employee appraisals and interviews
  • SALES e.g. account plans, RFP analysis, forecasting
  • TRAINING/CONSULTING e.g. illustration of training and consulting concepts
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT compatibility with various methodologies, e.g. PRINCE2®

Daily challenges that office workers face can be managed more easily and efficiently with MindManager, and its visual nature can be used as the basis for a more effective way of working throughout the entire organisation.

How MindManager Helps

Brainstorming & Problem Solving

Use MindManager mind maps as a virtual whiteboard to generate better ideas and easily capture everyone’s best thinking. Mind Mapping inspires innovation and creativity.

MindManager Brainstorming & Problem Solving

Individual & Team Productivity

MindManager improves both individual and team productivity. The interactive visual setting of MindManager provides the clarity required by all to carry out their tasks: Conducting meetings and presentations that are more productive and managing activities.

MindManager Individual & Team Productivity
MindManager Project & Process Management

Project & Process Management

MindManager is often used as a central tool for the preparation and execution of projects and processes.

Gain clarity on requirements, resources, and schedules with less miscommunication.

Business/ Strategic Planning

MindManager facilitates the planning and management of business projects and strategic activities at all levels throughout the company. Improve communication and promote collaboration with visual mind maps that allow in-depth analysis of strategic plans, business cases, and sales account plans.

MindManager Business & Strategic Planning
MindManager Information & Knowledge Management

Information & Knowledge Management

MindManager simplifies the management of information and knowledge within teams and companies. Users can organise, structure and centralise the information within mind maps to facilitate their understanding, processing, sharing and updating of the information.

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