Xerox Solid Ink

Xerox Solid Ink Printing

Its time to rethink your ink

Only Xerox can deliver on the promise of affordable colour for every document, every day. Xerox has the patented solid ink technology to make it practical. Built from the start for high-performance office colour printing, our solid ink technology has a 20-year track record of reliability. Solid ink is simple to use, produces stunning colour print quality, produces less waste, and enables low cost colour for small businesses and global corporations alike. Give your team the full advantage of solid ink, and get every Xerox innovation and advanced feature across our line up of solid ink printers and multifunction systems.  Spectacular colour quality, more affordable than ever. That's Xerox solid ink.

Make everyday business more colourful.
In the business world, nothing's really black and white. That's why you need colour – to clarify, to emphasise, to stand out. And with our line up of solid ink printers and multifunction systems, colours are vibrant, glossy and perfect for all office documents when the "right" colours are a must.

Make your office greener.
It's all made possible with Xerox solid ink, the office colour solution with a cartridge-free design and minimal packaging. That simple combination means less to manufacture, drastically reduced waste, and less storage space for better transportation efficiency – saving you shipping costs while lessening the environmental impact.*

Ease of use that enhances your business every day.
Superior colour made easy. Whether you need robust printing or the additional capabilities that come with a true multifunction powerhouse, our solid ink printers and multifunction systems are designed to make office life easier than ever. And with exceptional productivity as the benchmark, you're assured that every feature, function and design consideration exists to help you happily produce your best work.

Solid ink colours: true, vibrant...and environmentally responsible.

Solid ink's cartridge-free design and minimal packaging, it's nearly waste-free printing process and its safe, toxin-free solid ink sticks make it a very environmentally-conscious way to print. Read More...

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