Wyse in Education

Solutions for Education - Thin is Intelligent

Wyse provides educational institutions with advanced technology tools that enable them to create a quality learning environment. School districts with widespread thin-client implementations have found that students who have access to a digital learning environment are more stimulated, more motivated, and perform better academically. Wyse makes learning and teaching enjoyable and affordable with smart, low-maintenance solutions to get students up to speed on their computer skills, help teachers deliver their curriculums in exciting new ways, and provide staff with easy access to centralized information.

  • Networked learning centres, computer labs, and libraries can be equipped with more workstations at a lower cost.
  • Secure, safe, durable, and student-proof because desktop controls and icons can be locked down, no floppy drives, no way to introduce viruses that could compromise a system, and no breakable moving parts.
  • Quick initial installation and software upgrades.
  • Lower energy usage than PCs means additional cost savings.