Wyse in Corporate Sales

Solutions for Business - Thin is an Asset 

In modern business and finance , data accuracy and integrity are critical. Failure to maintain a robust IT infrastructure can mean more than system down time. Security risk is a real threat that can lead to indemnity exposure, breach of compliance and a damaged reputation. The use of Wyse Cloud clients keeps sensitive financial information safely on the central server, where it's easier to monitor and control.

  • IT maintenance is reduced across the organisation, with application upgrades managed at the central server instead of branch office desktops.
  • Risk of virus infection and data loss is minimised by preventing unauthorised downloads or local installation to desktops.
  • Critical data is kept secure and tamper-proof on the server, not the desktop.
  • User productivity is enhanced by the availability of a standard interface and applications, as well as less reliance on IT field support.
  • Greater reliability than with PCs reduces downtime and lowers repair costs.