Tally Dascom Manufacturing Solutions


Manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution facilities need printers that provide high quality, yet are durable for non-office environments. DASCOM offers a range of durable printers for small through large-sized enterprises, compatible with their current and legacy computing infrastructure. Manufacturing is optimised and distribution accelerated with DASCOM's range of Serial Matrix and Thermal printers for manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution facilities.

Our range of Serial Matrix printers have a rugged design and their automatic features mean they are ideal for mission critical environments, where costs can soar at the slightest production bottleneck.

DASCOM's Thermal range of printers offers greater flexibility and lower costs. Whether you need a high performance desktop machine or a feature packed mid range model, you'll find our Thermal printers tick all the boxes.

DASCOM's Serial Matrix and Thermal printers will give you the competitive advantage needed to maximise productivity, day-in and day-out.