Tally Dascom Healthcare Solutions


Hospitals and GP Surgeries have always demanded the most from their products. No other industry sector prints on such a wide variety of paper types and sizes including labels, A5 paper and prescriptions. Paper handling becomes paramount in this sector and DASCOM's range of printers has the input and output capacity to match the needs.

Today's impact printers are modern devices offering the best in price and performance. DASCOM offer a very wide range of impact printers, designed for 'demand' applications for quick access to individual and batches of forms, reports and labels. They are much quieter than products of yesteryear and very easy to use, with a range of automatic features which reduce user intervention and therefore increase reliability.

  • Easy to use with lots of automatic features
  • Quieter than previous models
  • Long life consumables for consistent print quality

Impact Printing in Healthcare
Impact printers have always been heavily utilised by hospital administration.
They offer lower running costs compared to other technologies and are extremely reliable and durable. In addition, procedures and practices within the health services continue to demand multi-part output, up to 6 or 7 part forms. Such documents can be quite complex, with pre-sealed pouch forms common for confidentiality. Impact printers are ideal for handling custom size documents of all types and are not limited to DIN size only. They can print individual labels and small forms, rather than having to print complete pages leaving individual labels blank. Impact printing is very flexible in it's capabilities;

  • Excellent printing quality
  • Handles the widest range of forms- single or multi-part
  • Lowest cost of ownership of any print technology
  • Reliable and durable

Label Printing
The major use within health for impact printers is to produce a wide range of labels. With impact printers, costs accumulate on a character-by-character basis. With competing technologies costing is by the page. For documents with low page density this results in very low running costs indeed, tens of times less than utilising other methods. In addition, labels produced within the health sector vary enormously in size. True demand printers such as these print the required number of labels without waste;

  • Labels on demand with no waste
  • Fast output – no warm up times
  • Form size to fit the data
  • Requirements in Pharmacy, Medical Records, Radiology, Haematology, Maternity, Pathology, Day Unit, Private Theatres

Solid Report Printers
Patient Administration Systems rely on Impact printers to produce the wide range of reports which are required in every hospital. These are typically listings on inexpensive music rule paper. As wide format documents, they are easier to read. Being produced on continuous perforated paper means they exit the printer in a form that can easily be handled. Other methods rely on finishers and staplers to achieve the same results;

  • Ideal for listings and reports
  • High workload for long, continuous operation
  • Designed for unattended operation
  • Documents arrive ready for handling