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Managing Email - The top ten challenges (and what to do about them)
We surveyed 157 IT professionals to understand the difficulties and opportunities faced by email managers. What kept them awake at night? What cost the most money or took the most time? And from these responses highlight some easy-to-manage solutions to their most pressing problems.

Confidence in the Cloud - Five Ways to Capitalise with Symantec
Cloud computing is gaining significant traction as a new IT delivery model with potential business and financial benefits.  Because cloud computing is still relatively new, organisations are grappling with what this emerging delivery model is, what some of the potential barriers are, and how best to take advantage of it.

Symantec.cloud Intelligence - Threat predictions for 2010
Symantec.cloud Intelligence publishes a range of information on global security threats based on live data feeds from more than 14 data centres around the world scanning billions of messages and web pages each week.
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Converged threats, integrated defences
IT managers' perceptions of converged threats and what companies can do to protect themselves from the latest internet security problems.
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Targeted Trojans: Taking aim at Business
Even in a world where internet threats present an ever-evolving and increasingly sophisticated danger to business, targeted trojans pose a particularly potent threat that can deal devastating short and long-term damage to their victims.
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