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Symantec.cloud Hosted Web Security and Content Filtering service operates at the Internet level, intercepting viruses, and spyware. The service will also provide protection from other web-borne threats before they enter your network. Our service also allows you to block access to inappropriate websites by URL filtering, keeping your employees productive while enforcing acceptable usage policies.

  • Web Security Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware - stops web-borne spyware and viruses before they infiltrate your network, protecting your business from information theft and costly diminished network performance.
  • Web Filtering and Policy Enforcement - enables you to set up policy rules based on website categories, content types, time of day and Internet consumption levels. Helps you to protect your corporate bandwidth and promote productive web use that conforms with your Internet acceptable use policy.
  • Roaming and Remote Worker Support Options - helps address the challenges of a distributed workforce. Whether you have users in home offices, small regional offices, or frequent travellers; our service options for roaming and remote users can help you secure and enforce proper Web use in numerous environments.

Why Symantec.cloud Hosted Web Security Service?

Our Hosted Web Security service offers ease of use, with no hardware to install and no regular maintenance or security updates required. We provide a service level for 100% service availability supported by robust, global infrastructure, and outstanding customer support 24/7, designed to meet the needs of small-medium businesses, corporate and enterprise web security.


Hosted Anti-Spam


To enforce acceptable use of the internet by your employees
All web requests are checked against a highly configurable set of policy rules based on website categories, content types, and overall usage levels which can be applied to specific individuals or groups
You can monitor or block your employees' browsing according to your organisation's policies
Bandwidth is preserved for work-related applications
Protect your business against web-based viruses and spyware Multi-layer Protection- threat protection is provided by anti-spyware and anti-virus technologies that scan all web content All internet content delivered to your organisation is free from known viruses
Protect roaming and remote users Roaming and remote user support options are available to extend protection and policies to users accessing the Web outside the corporate network Distributed workers receive the same levels of protection and policy enforcement in a variety of environments
Ensuring that everything is working
Delivers one-click and scheduled reporting
You can have confidence in the service's effectiveness, with reports to prove it

As with all Symantec.cloud products, our hosted Web Security service includes 24x7x365 support.

How it works

How MessageLabs Hosted Web Security

  • All users' web traffic requests—made inside and outside the corporate network—pass through the Symantec.cloud platform, hosted in secure data centres worldwide.
  • Each request is checked against your acceptable usage policy, determining whether it is blocked or allowed to pass. Different rules can be applied to different user groups, individuals, or times of day.
  • If a request is allowed to pass, the relevant web page or file download is scanned for viruses and spyware by Skeptic™ and multiple third party technologies.
  • If a virus or spyware is identified, access to the web page is denied.

Next Steps - Web Security and Web Filtering Service

Implementing our Web Security Services is a fast and easy process. You can purchase our URL Filtering service separately or bundle with our Web Security Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware service. You simply pay a fixed monthly cost based on the number of users connected. Our Web Security Service is fully scalable to ensure new employees can be added easily as your business grows.

Our Web Security Service also works seamlessly with other services offered including: Email Anti-Virus, Email Anti-Spam and Email Encryption which can be easily added to meet your organisation's email security needs.