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Roaming and Remote Workers

Preventing the loss of employee productivity from Web misuse is crucial for most businesses regardless of where their workers are located.

Symantec Hosted Services offers roaming and remote worker support options for our Hosted Web Security service to help you protect your distributed workers:

Smart Connect:

A comprehensive solution for businesses with roaming or highly mobile users.

Smart Connect provides:

  • Comprehensive Security that protects user Web interactions and authenticates them for Web policies
  • User Location and Connection Intelligence for optimal performance
  • A seamless user sign-on experience
  • Compatibility with leading technologies such as hotspots, pay-for-use portals and leading endpoint security solutions

Remote Connect:

An ideal solution for businesses with teleworkers or employees at remote offices.

Remote Connect provides:

  • A single step for user access to quickly and easily enable protection
  • An automated password system to reduce administrative burden
  • Flexible policy creation that allows for specific sites to be excluded and for policies that do not conflict with VPN access
  • Remote policy and security management to provide the same protection and oversight for users not on the corporate network.