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Symantec.cloud Hosted Email Image Control Service

Symantec.cloud hosted Email Image Control Service uses image composition analysis to scan email and email attachments to identify, control and block inappropriate images such as pornography.

Our Email Image Control Service complements our Email Content Control service, which ensures email confidentiality, while also working seamlessly with our Email Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam services to provide added levels of email security.

Why use Symantec.cloud Email Image Control Service?

The Email Image Control Service is a managed service. It requires no hardware and no ongoing upgrades. The service can be deployed in minutes to help enforce corporate policies.


Hosted Image Control


Protecting employee from offensive images Scans, detects, controls and blocks messages and attachments Pornographic and other inappropriate images are stopped before reaching your network
Protecting the reputation of your company Scans all outbound messages for inappropriate images Inappropriate images cannot leave your organisation
Enforcing acceptable use policies for emails
Allows flexible monitoring of email image content
Reduces email misuse within your organisation
Ensure image control is always in place
Managed service with 100% availability service level
Continuous image control is in place – no system updates required

As with all Symantec.cloud products, our hosted Email Image Control Service includes 24x7x365 support.

Email Content Filter - How it works

Symantec.cloud Email Image Control Service employs multi-layered filtering technologies and state-of-the-art image signaturing to give you complete control over all images contained in your email communications. Image composition analysis harnesses techniques for facial recognition, body positioning and texture and flesh tone analysis to generate results that are processed by a complex scoring system to block or pass images. This approach is especially effective at detecting pornographic images.

How MessageLabs Hosted Image Control Works

  • All incoming and outgoing emails are directed through the Symantec.cloud platform, hosted in secure data centres worldwide
  • Images embedded in or attached to an email are scanned to assess their compliance with your acceptable use policy, local rules and specific requirements
  • Any email which triggers a rule is subjected to a range of possible actions, such as 'block/delete' and 'redirect to administrator'
  • All email which doesn't trigger a rule is delivered as usual
  • Reports summarising data collected and actions taken by the service can be generated easily

Getting started

Implementing our Email Image Control Service is a fast and easy process; you can be up and running within minutes. You simply pay a fixed monthly cost based on the number of users connected and the service is scalable, so new employees can be added easily as your business grows.

Our Email Image Control Service combined with our other services provides increased email security. Other service options include Email Content Control and Email Encryption which can be easily added on to the service, providing greater levels of protection to meet your organisation's email security needs.