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Symantec.cloud Hosted Email Continuity - Email Failover Service for High Availability

Symantec.cloud Hosted Email Continuity service guards against the disruption and data loss that can result from an email outage. Providing you with an on-demand failover system when your primary email server fails or requires maintenance, the service allows email users to continue sending and receiving emails with minimal interruption.

Why use Symantec.cloud Email Continuity Service?

Our Email Continuity service provides a fully managed back-up email system and is easily administered from a web console. The service enables your email to remain fully functional whether your primary system has failed or it's offline for maintenance, regardless of where your users are located.


Hosted Email Continuity


Maintaining continuous email access during a server outage
Enhances disaster recovery and continuity planning and can be activated in minutes
Email traffic continues to flow in and out of the organisation
Minimising business disruption
Email, corporate directories, user accounts, contacts, calendars, and distribution lists are available
Users can continue to work and maintain productivity over email
Reducing the costs of your existing email recovery system
A managed service billed on a predictable monthly fee
Requires little or no capital investment and no dedicated staff, simplifying costs of duplicating, scaling and maintaining back-up systems
Performing maintenance on your email system
Partial failovers can be activated for groups of users
Allows maintenance schedules to be planned more easily

As with all Symantec.cloud products, our hosted Email Continuity service includes 24x7x365 support.

Email Continuity Service - How it works

Our hosted Email Continuity service continuously synchronises email in-boxes, calendars and contact lists so that when you need to turn the service on, users have access to their email tools. The service incorporates multiple security layers that meet the requirements of some of the most regulated and risk-conscious organisations.

How MessageLabs Hosted Email Continuity Works

  • When your primary system is operating normally, the back-up system receives a copy of every email
  • When you need to activate the system (by phone or through a web console), you can select specific mailboxes, users, or groups
  • Outlook or Lotus Notes client, web browser and BlackBerry devices are automatically and seamlessly connected to the back-up system
  • All activated users have access to email, contact lists and calendar entries
  • When the primary system is restored, all internal and external email communications during the outage automatically migrate back to the email server with all data intact. You can prioritise the order in which servers, storage groups or mailboxes are synchronised.

Getting started

Symantec.cloud Email Continuity Service supports Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino mail servers and also offers Blackberry integration. The service is charged by mailbox.

Our Email Continuity Service can be combined with our other services for increased Email Security. Other service options include Email Content Control, Email Encryption, and Email Archiving that can be easily added on to the service, providing greater levels of protection to meet your organisation's email security needs.