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Symantec.cloud Hosted Web URL Filtering Service

A core part of our Hosted Web Security Services is Web Filtering, which assists you to enforce acceptable usage policies. Our Web Filtering gives you control over how your staff utilises the internet, helping to protect your business from the legal implications that can arise from inappropriate use, while enabling you to block access to websites by URL, time of day, or file type.

Our Web Filter is highly configurable and contains a sophisticated database of websites around which policies and rules controlling web use can be developed. This enables you to:

  • Monitor and control website access and internet use across your organisation.
  • Block access to specific websites or over 50 broader website categories.
  • Create flexible time-based rules that limit access to non-work-related sites to specific times.
  • Block access to certain file types such as mp3, mpeg or other bandwidth-heavy media files.
  • Schedule or run on-demand reports detailing web activity within the organisation.