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Web AntiSpyware & AntiVirus Protection

A growing number of legitimate websites contain spyware, viruses or other malware that download automatically when users click on the links that hide them. The Symantec.cloud Web Security service protects your business from these threats, which can steal your confidential information, re-direct your web searches to harmful sites, and diminish your network's performance or worse.

Our Web Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus service provides protection spyware and has a service level for 100% protection from web viruses. We use multiple signature scanning engines plus our proprietary technology, Skeptic™, to deliver the ultimate protection from the most sophisticated and targeted web based threats.

With Symantec.cloud Web Security Services offers:

  • a service level for 100% protection from known web viruses
  • protection against spyware
  • scanning of all web requests (including images, PDFs and media) for malicious code
  • customised block pages to support your end users