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Active Directory Management Solutions

Overcome your challenges with essential Microsoft Active Directory tools

Quest, the expert in Active Directory Management, has the depth of knowledge, experience and tools to make your Active Directory secure, compliant and available. As a two-time Microsoft ISV partner of the year, you can count on Quest to help you simplify Active Directory management, by making it more efficient, secure and affordable.

Spotlight on Active Directory Pack
Spotlight on Active Directory Pack offers a real-time diagnostic tool for troubleshooting and rapid resolution of replication, performance, and availability problems in Active Directory environments.
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Recovery Manager for Active Directory
Recovery Manager offers an easy-to-use solution for fast, granular, online recovery in the event of inadvertent modification.
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ActiveRoles Server
ActiveRoles™ Server automates the provisioning, reprovisioning and deprovisioning process for users and groups in AD and beyond. It provides strictly enforced, role-based security, automated group management, change approval and easy-to-use web interfaces for self service.
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Quest Password Manager
Password Manager offers self-administration of passwords and locked accounts, with stringent enforcement of security policies to eliminate password-related calls to the help desk, minimise employee downtime, and strengthen security.
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Change Auditor for AD
ChangeAuditor for Active Directory tracks, audits, reports and alerts on changes in real time, translating events into simple terms and eliminating the time and complexity required for auditing.
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