Quark at Insight UK
MacUser "It's been a long time coming but this is a momentous release... Whatever you do you owe it to yourself to grab a demo and put QuarkXPress 8 through its paces." MacUser UK
France Graphique "With QuarkXPress 8, Quark has addressed and connected the entire publishing value chain from designers through to output providers. It's a strategic move that will benefit the entire industry!" Guillaume Bregeras, Chief Editor France Graphique
Applicando "With QuarkXPress 8, Quark delivers software that will help designers work flawlessly and achieve both quicker and better results. The new design of the interface is well thought out and some of the new tools are superb. The technology is here, the company is here, and the product is rock-solid - creativity is up to you." Dario Tortora - Senior Editor, Applicando
Pffeiffer Consulting "QuarkXPress 8 manages one of the most difficult tasks in software development - rethinking the user interface to make it more efficient, more productive, and more enjoyable, without alienating the experienced user. The potential productivity gains of the new release should be considerable." Andreas Pfeiffer, Industry Analyst and Consultant
PC Advisor "We were impressed with QuarkXPress 8.0. if you've been waiting for a compelling reason to make the move from Quark 4.0 or 5.0, then this may well be it" PC Advisor Magazine
PC Pro "QuarkXPress 8's Flash authoring capabilities mean that it should be especially well placed to take advantage of this new offline delivery route for interactive publications. It looks like the time has finally come for Quark's long standing vision of integrated print and electronic publishing." PC Pro Magazine
Grafisk Workflow "QuarkXPress 8 gives the users an extended design experience, they can work faster and smarter, by quick and easy access to the tools they need" Grafiskworkflow.dk
Spindrift "This lets you do surprisingly sophisticated things without having to script Flash commands." Spindrift
Digital Arts "The minimalist interface is a refreshing antidote to InDesign's clutter, and the toolset enables you to rotate containers, grab and resize images within containers with a minimum of hassle." Digital Arts
MNA Media "Quark has gone to great lengths to improve the overall usability and efficiency in QuarkXPress 8. This is extremely evident in the redesigned use interface, which takes existing tools and expands their functionality in an intuitive way to make the user instantly more efficient at day-to-day tasks. In addition, the new Content tool allows significantly streamlined manipulation of boxes as well as their content, eliminating the need for time-consuming tool changes or menu commands. All of these improvements mean that our users can now work faster and smarter, which is extremely important in a busy newspaper environment." Adrian Faber, MNA Editorial Director, and Editor, Express & Star
Hallpress Annonsen "We are constantly looking to reduce costs while increasing quality and efficiency, which was a key reason we chose QuarkXPress 8 - its redefined workflow increases users' productivity, efficiency, and return on investment." Christer Johansson, CIO Hallpressen
Office Depot Europe "We publish tens of thousands of pages every year in more than seven different languages and as QuarkXPress 8 supports more than thirty languages, this enables us to substantially streamline our multiple-language publishing, eliminate many unnecessary costs, and dramatically improve quality and productivity. The new global file format, hyphenation, and spelling capabilities of QuarkXPress 8 mean that we can be sure our team works together seamlessly, and the multiple-language user interface means our designers can work in the language they choose." Gert Vigener, Office Depot's European Director of Creative Services
"The improvements made to user ergonomics, new picture content, and native Illustrator® import - as well as outstanding typographic possibilities - truly represent an enhancement to QuarkXPress that will pay off in everyday use." Graphische Wien
"In QuarkXPress 8 you can see Quark has really paid attention to how designers work." David Carson
"For new designers it looks like QuarkXPress 8 is going to be the easiest professional page-layout tool to learn... While other design software grows increasingly complicated with each release, the new QuarkXPress 8 interface actually makes the program simpler to use, while still adding powerful new features." Alistair Dabbs, Graphic Designer, UK
"Quark has done it again! I am amazed at the way the pen tool now responds to keyboard shortcuts! It makes it easier than ever to draw my vector illustrations right inside QuarkXPress 8." Robert Underwood, Trainer/Consultant, Aquent Graphics Institute, USA