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QuarkXPress 8.1 Reviewer Guide Addendum

QuarkXPress 8.1 is the first major maintenance release of the 8.x cycle. However this new version also modernises Quark's PDF capabilities and adds or enhances features that make the page layout process even more intuitive and productive. This document will walk you through the highlights.
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QuarkXPress 8 Integration with Adobe Creative Suite

Throughout the history of desktop publishing, Quark and Adobe have enabled the production of millions of brilliant designs and powered creative businesses to new heights through QuarkXPress® and Adobe® Photoshop® and Illustrator®.
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QuarkXPress 8 vs InDesign - What's different?

QuarkXPress 8: Modern, intuitive interface developed purposefully for the design of high-end page layout makes work easier, faster, and fun.
InDesign: Interface borrows heavily from that of illustration software and, to a great extent, at the expense of ease of use.
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Interactive Flash File Creation in InDesign and QuarkXPress 8 - A Comparison

InDesign CS4 has Flash capabilities and these are often compared to QuarkXPress 8's Flash support.  Despite surface resemblances in their ability to create content for the Flash platform, this report concludes that InDesign CS4 only supports basic Flash communications projects, where QuarkXPress 8 goes well beyond that.
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Best Practice - Job Jackets

Preventing press errors with Quark Job Jackets:   A document budgeted at 100 pages is sent to output with a length of 112 pages, resulting in a higher cost than the customer was expecting.  A layout uses colours or imported graphics that cannot be reproduced accurately on the target press, causing the job to be sent back for expensive rework.  Incorrect colour management settings lead to printed colours that don't match the designer's expectations, resulting in a customer who is unlikely to use the services of this particular designer and printer again.
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Best Practice - PDF

People use PDF files in a variety of ways, from Web and e-mail distribution to high-end offset printing. Each way of using a PDF file has its own requirements. For example, if you're creating a PDF for distribution through e-mail, you may be willing to sacrifice some quality to achieve a small file size.  However, if you're creating a PDF for high-end offset printing, fidelity is critical and file size is essentially irrelevant.
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Best Practice - Migrating to QuarkXPress 8

One of the most difficult things about managing a business in the publishing industry is keeping up with all the hardware, operating system, and software upgrades.  With technology changing constantly, what are the "best practices" for migrating from earlier hardware and software to later versions?  Quark can't speak for the entire industry, but this Guide should help you make a smooth transition to QuarkXPress® 8.
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Best Practice - Transparency

This document is intended to help you use the new transparency features in QuarkXPress® 8 in the most efficient manner. By following the guidelines in this document, you can avoid potential output problems and minimise the amount of time required to output layouts that use transparency features and to process the resulting output on a RIP.
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