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Case Study

  • NHS City and Hackney
    The UK National Health Service (NHS) has a tarnished public image as a result of several high visibility data breaches. While steps have been taken to improve internal security, the NHS initiative, Connecting for Health, has obvious gaps at the operating level.


MXSweep at Insight UK

Web Security Service Offering

MXSweep - The Next Layer of Web Security

MXSweep web security offers a solution which is capable of dealing with massive amounts of web requests and correlating this information worldwide. With this real-time information of usage and patterns combined with both heuristic and traditional security techniques, MXSweep provides a zero-hour web security approach protecting our customers from every outbreak. Our web security solution will be available in bundled service offerings to our partners and their customers along with our other security services.

Business Case for Web Security

The introduction of Web 2.0 has opened the flood-gates to new vulnerabilities, malicious code, compromised networks, phishing attacks, spyware, and inappropriate content. Web 2.0 is interactive and collaborative, and is now the primary infection point for malware or malicious code, and increasing in volume by 40% annually. The analyst community reports that over 75% of enterprises are infected with spyware and malware - and malicious code is contained in 32% of the Web. Clearly, organisations of all sizes must adopt and advance their Web security for protecting the network from inbound threats of viruses, malware, spyware, and other hazards with a scalable, high-performing solution that is purposely-built to manage real-time data flows.

Traditional approaches to web security have been almost rendered obsolete with the advent of Web 2.0. However, many of the new techniques in zero-hour defences have missed a key component of Web 2.0. It's not a new technology; it's a new paradigm in the use of the Internet facilitating communication, information sharing and collaboration. In other words, it's a real-time, interactive, content sharing platform. Without the ability to correlate huge amounts of end user information and recognise usage trends as they happen, a web security solution is not going to be able to deal with the primary driver of Web 2.0, the real-time interaction. A security outbreak from a social media site will be widespread within minutes with today's user usage patterns.

When most organisations implement an Internet content filtering solution, their main driver is typically one of the following:

  • Improve the productivity of students or employees and keep them on task by restricting access to distracting websites.
  • Ensure bandwidth resources are not being abused for personal reasons like gambling, streaming video or gaming.
  • Mitigate legal liability and harassment matters resulting from the viewing, distributing or storing of illegal, copyrighted or trademarked content.
  • Enforce or comply with internal Acceptable Use Policies or external regulatory laws, such as CIPA, by monitoring, auditing and filtering access to websites deemed unacceptable.

A fifth but less apparent driver, is the need for a solution to protect computers and/or networks from viruses, malware, spyware or phishing scams. Though many organisations install an assortment of applications to counter these attacks, MXSweep can identify and block these threats in real-time before they infect a computer or network.

MXSweep Web Security Solution

With the proliferation of signature based solutions on endpoints, gateways, and even firewalls, attacks today are more targeted and utilise multiple variants, with techniques such as time based obfuscation. This new approach from the cyber criminals makes it very difficult for traditional signature based solutions to effectively block the new waves of malware from proliferating.  A new, proactive security approach is needed to protect against the growing number of new, unknown malware threats.

MXSweep's web security provides a solution that detects zero-hour and known malware threats. By correlating a combination of current traffic and request trends, multiple detection technologies, automated machine-learning heuristics, and the industry's largest data set of web content, MXSweep provides the most effective solution against new and known Web malicious content.

Our signature-based scanning detects known Web malware residing on both reputable and uncategorised Web pages. Every new URL requested is automatically scanned utilising this engine and the current URLs in the database are regularly scanned to ensure their current legitimacy. MXSweep's heuristic engines utilise non-signature detection techniques and are based upon Artificial Intelligence engine technologies used to traverse the content and make decisions based upon thousands of inputs trained from years of collected information and trends. Utilising this signature-based scan engine, the heuristic detection engines and correlating this with the real-time trends of requests provides MXSweep with an unparalleled advantage in providing zero-hour response. MXSweep systems can filter approximately 3 million requests a second for information from around the world in multiple languages, multiple sectors and for multiple areas of information. Of this, nearly 10 million requests per day are for brand new URLs which have never been seen before.