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MozyPro Security Brief
The MozyPro Remote Backup Service security and privacy model is built on the principle of strong encryption. MozyPro utilizes the OpenSSL implementation of the keyed, symmetric block cipher known as Blowfish for strong encryption. MozyPro encrypts data with a 448-bit key, which is known only by the customer and resides only at the customer location. All communication between the client and the MozyPro Servers is via a certified 128-bit SSL connection.
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You're Not As Backed Up As You Think
IT departments typically configure user PCs so all work files are stored on network drives. But most users circumvent this approach, storing many files on their hard drives. Additionally, laptops users often work outside the office and offline, synchronizing only sporadically and keeping their current work on the local drive.
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Case Studies

University of San Francisco
University of San Francisco saves time and money while protecting data from disaster.
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University of Hawaii Law School
University of Hawaii Law School chooses Mozy and more easily handles data while saving 63 percent in backup costs
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Porter-Gaud School
Hurricane-threatened school finds online backup relief
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Goodell, DeVries, Leech & Dan, LLP
Goodell, DeVries, Leech & Dann chooses MozyPro to protect attorneys' data
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Why MozyPro?
MozyPro by Decho combines the simplicity of MozyHome with all the professional features you would expect from a full-service backup solution: faster upload speeds, server and network share support, powerful administrative capabilities, and 24/7 technical support. The result is the best data protection possible for your business.
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Online Backup for Businesses
Affordable, Easy-to-Use Backup for Multi-User Environments
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Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and Microsoft SQL Disaster Recovery Plan
A successful backup of Microsoft Exchange 2003 and Microsoft SQL is critical and should not interrupt regular business operations. Keeping your Exchange and SQL servers online is only one part of the equation. MozyPro also minimizing the backup window to maintain performance, and provides faster restores.
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Blowfish, AES, and Mozy
Industry-leading Encryption for Unsurpassable Data Protection
Mozy by Decho has moved from Blowfish encryption to AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption as the default encryption algorithm for new accounts that choose to use a private encryption key. Blowfish remains supported as the default encryption for those choosing to use the Mozy encryption key.
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