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Microsoft Official eLearning

World-class learning, around the clock

Microsoft Official eLearning courses are designed for maximum skills-transfer in minimal time, providing accurate, relevant, and engaging learning on Microsoft products direct from the source. eLearning is an excellent way to educate staff before or after deployment of a new or upgraded Microsoft product.

eLearning also eliminates time and location boundaries so your staff can study when and where it's convenient.  Microsoft eLearning provides a visually engaging, guided learning experience with unique highly interactive features including user-selected learning style; assessments; rich simulations; and hands-on labs for practice; as well as audio and multimedia features.

MS eLearning PC ScreenWe Offer You The largest Microsoft eLearning Catalogue in the world

  • Microsoft Official eLearning is available in 17 languages.
  • Includes more than 1,500 Courses (+3,000 Hours)
  • Choose the learning format that suits you:
  • Demos, Games, Assessments, & Hands-on v-Labs.
  • Available for Office, IT Pro, and Developers


eLearning helps your employees acquire greater skills so they can accomplish more in less time with the software tools you provide them. In addition, boosting employee skills can reduce the time IT staff spends on help desk calls and end-user training.  eLearning helps you get the maximum value of your software investment.