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Microsoft Visio 2010 Family Overview

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Visio Professional
Visio Premium
Microsoft Visio Standard 2010 Overview Microsoft Visio Professional 2010 Overview Microsoft Visio Premium 2010 Overview
Product Theme
Diverse set of intuitive and professional diagrams.
Simplify complexity with a diverse set of intuitive and professional tools for diagramming.
Dynamic, data-driven diagrams with real-time web-sharing.
Bring your diagrams to life with dynamic, data-driven visuals that are connected to real-time data and can be easily shared online with anyone.
Intelligent and Advanced diagrams and process tools.
Improve consistency and accuracy across your organisation with advanced diagramming and new process management tools.
Solution Scenario
Diverse set of diagrams including:
• Flowchart / Swimlane
• Org Chart / Block Diagram
• Timeline / Calendar
Dynamic, data-driven diagram in:
• Business Intelligence
• IT Management & Security
• Business & Technical Drawings
Intelligent and advanced diagrams
• Business Process Analysis / BPM
• Compliance / Quality
• Rule-based Diagrams
Product Value
• Communicate effectively through clear and professional diagrams
• Save time with:
  ✓ A wide variety of pre-drawn shapes and templates
  ✓ Auto alignment and spacing
  ✓ Intuitive navigation and consistent Office Fluent UI
• Make your Office documents more visual with Visio diagrams
• Import, save and work with CAD files
• Deliver rich, visual dashboards across the organisation using SharePoint and Visio Services
• Drill down with Pivot Diagrams to provide graphical BI analysis to Excel, Access, SQL or any OLEDB/OBDC data source
• Use a diverse set of specialised diagrams (Engineering, ITIL, Network Rack, Value Stream etc)
• Save time with intelligent & easy-to-use process mapping templates, including pre-defined shapes and templates such as BPMN and Six Sigma
• Drive standardisation and re-use with Subprocesses
• Model SharePoint workflows for execution and monitoring on SharePoint 2010 Server
• Maximise consistency and accuracy across your organisation with Diagram Validation that can find common errors or for business logic