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Microsoft Project 2010 - Licensing and Software Assurance

Microsoft Volume Licensing programs and products provide a framework of highly customised solutions and give organisations the possibility of greatly reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when using software.

Volume Licensing programs serve the needs of organisations that acquire five or more licenses, but do not need multiple copies of the media and the documentation and do not want to keep track of numerous individual license agreements.

Volume Licensing offers the potential for substantial savings, ease of deployment, flexible acquisition, varied payment options, and other benefits, such as ongoing maintenance.

Microsoft Open Value & Enterprise Licensing Overview

Microsoft Open Value Licensing
Increase your business impact...

Open Licence Agreement
2 year perpetual licence programme for businesses ordering a minimum of 5 licences with upfront payment. Software Assurance is optional, with two discount levels Open Business and Value.

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Open Value Agreement
3 year perpetual licence programme for businesses ordering a minimum of 5 licences. Software Assurance is automatically included, as well as the annual payment option. Open Value also offers affiliate agreement options plus company-wide standardisation for further discounts.

Open Value Company Wide Option
3 year perpetual licence programme for businesses with a minimum of 5 PCs looking to standardise their desktops software across their organisation. The payment includes annualised payment, Software Assurance and a volume discount level for 250+ licences. It also offers affiliate agreement options plus price protection on platform products namely Small Business Platform and the Desktop Professional Platform.

Open Value Subscription
3 year non-perpetual licence programme for businesses with a minimum of 5 PCs. Annual payment options are available on platform products, plus Software Assurance is automatically included in the agreement. The programme also offers affiliate agreement options plus price protection on platform products Small Business and Desktop Professional Platforms.

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Enterprise Licensing
Help your business maximise its software assets and reduce total cost of ownership

Select Licensing Agreement
A Select Licence Agreement may be the right choice for you if:

  • Your organisation is medium to large sized
  • You have 250 or more PCs
  • You have mixed product and purchasing requirements
  • You want the flexibility to adjust your requirement as your needs change

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Select Plus
Select Plus is for midsize and large organisations that want to acquire their software licenses and services per product pool at any business unit or department level, while realising advantages as one organisation. Differences to the standard Select Agreement include unique features like a single customer ID, an agreement that never expires, no forecasting requirement and full 36 month of Software Assurance.

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Enterprise Agreement
An Enterprise Agreement may be the right for you if:

  • Your organisation has 250 or more PCs
  • You want to standardise your company on Microsoft products

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Software Assurance

Microsoft® Software Assurance for Volume Licensing enables customers maximises their business value of their software investment. With Software Assurance, customers have access to tools and resources that optimise organisational performance by helping to boost business productivity, align IT with business strategies, and get the most value out of their technology infrastructure.

Key advantages of Software Assurance include:

  • Enables organisations to have the latest software
  • Increases budget predictability and cost management
  • Promotes the capabilities of IT staff
  • Supports uptime and helps increase productivity

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Project 2010 Software Assurance (SA) Path

Customers with active SA on Project Server and CALs as of Project Server 2010 availability are eligible to acquire Software Assurance for SharePoint Server Standard + Enterprise CALs without acquiring licenses.

  • Maximum number of eligible SharePoint license under offer = number of qualifying Project CALs
  • Offer ends with first SA renewal of qualifying Project CALs
  • If customer's qualifying Project SA coverage expires before 1 May 2011, offer is extended until first renewal after that date