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Microsoft Forefront: Security Products for Business

Greater protection and control through integration and simplified management

Microsoft Forefront provides greater protection and control over the security of your business' network by providing:

  • A comprehensive line of information protection and secure access products
  • Integration with your existing IT infrastructure
  • Simplified deployment, management and analysis
  • Technical and industry guidance

Increased Security Challenges

Today's business rely on robust, cost-effective, and, above all, secure IT services. Security administrators know firsthand that threats from hackers and criminals continue to increase, forcing them to spend large amounts of time managing security. The wide variety of threats against networks, hosts, and, increasingly, applications has led to a security patchwork in which administrators attempt to assemble disparate products from multiple vendors into an effective security solution.

The lack of a comprehensive, integrated solution requires that you develop expertise in a large and expanding number of products. Multiple user interfaces, increasingly complex configurations, and an inability to correlate alerts and reports lead to a lack of clarity and control over the security state of the organisation, increasing business risk as well as total cost
of ownership.

As a result, organisations expend far too much effort as they seek to deliver an effective, manageable security environment in the face of current and emerging threats.

The Benefits Of Forefront

The Microsoft Forefront family of security products for businesses provides greater protection and control over the security of your IT infrastructure.

Its comprehensive set of security products integrate with each other, with your organisation's IT infrastructure, and can be supplemented with interoperable third party solutions, enabling end-to-end, defense-in-depth security solutions.

Simplified management, reporting, analysis, and deployment enable you to more efficiently and effectively protect your organisation's information resources and provide more secure access to applications and servers.

With highly responsive protection that is supported by Microsoft technical guidance, Forefront helps you to confidently meet ever-changing threats and increasing business demands.

A Comprehensive Product Family

Microsoft Forefront provides a complete, integrated family of security products that offer client, server, and edge protection to help ensure that your business is secure from ever-changing threats:

  • Microsoft Forefront Client Security (formerly called Microsoft ClientProtection)
  • Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server (formerly called Microsoft Antigen for Exchange)
  • Microsoft Forefront Security for SharePoint® (formerly called Antigen® for SharePoint)
  • Antigen for Instant Messaging
  • Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006
  • Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG) 2007

Protect operating systems
Forefront helps protect Microsoft client and server operating systems. The highly responsive anti-malware capabilities of Microsoft Forefront Client Security provide real-time, scheduled, or on-demand detection and removal of viruses, spyware, rootkits, and other emerging threats.

Protect critical server applications
Forefront helps protect Microsoft-based application servers through a defense-indepth strategy. ISA 2006 provides robust access control, application-specific and protocol-specific data inspection. The Forefront line of anti-malware products is also tuned to protect specific server applications, all while utilising a unique multi-engine architecture that helps provide the highest levels of protection.

Enable more secure, controlled access
Forefront offers a broad array of firewall, VPN, and encryption technologies, and identity management capabilities that help you ensure only authorised users can gain access to the appropriate IT resources and data. ISA 2006 provides strong network access control, while IAG 2007 helps secure access to a full range of network applications from both managed and unmanaged devices.

Safeguard sensitive data
Forefront products help safeguard sensitive data and protect intellectual property. ISA 2006 provides a combination of application-specific filters throughout the network, as well as technologies that help ensure the confidentiality and authenticity of your valuable data.

Integration By Design

Forefront products offer multiple levels of integration so that you can achieve greater efficiency and control over the security of your network.

Integrate with applications
Microsoft Forefront anti-malware and secure access products are specially tuned to integrate with and protect business critical server application such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook® Web Access and Microsoft SharePoint. This integration provides critical protection against the newest generation of application-specific attacks.

Integrate with IT infrastructure
Forefront products work with your existing IT infrastructure, including Active Directory®, Group Policies, Systems Management Server, and Windows® Update Services. This unifying infrastructure enables you to seamlessly manage security service deployment, distribution, configuration, and enforcement, and do so with a fine level of granular control.

Integrate across Forefront
Forefront products are designed to work together so they can leverage their capabilities for greater security coverage.

Simplified, centralised Management

Microsoft Forefront products are designed to simplify deployment, configuration, management, reporting, and analysis so that you can have greater confidence that your organisation is well-protected.

Simplify deployment
Utilities such as ISA Server Best Practices Analyser Tool and configuration wizards help set a solid basis for robust security installation. Forefront's Integration with Active Directory and update systems such as Systems Management Server provide a common foundation for change and configuration management. Users and administrators both benefit from the centralised distribution of up-to-date configurations, policies, and operating system or anti-virus updates for server and client hosts.

Unify reporting and analysis
Forefront centralises the collection and analysis of security management information, because all security information is stored in a single SQL Server™ repository, which can use SQL Server Reporting and Analysis Services to identify and interpret security events.

Simplify management
Security management and reporting is centralised in Forefront; its components integrate fully with existing management systems including Microsoft Operations Manager, Microsoft Systems Management Server, and Windows Server® Update Services. Forefront's integrated management consoles offer Microsoft's familiar interfaces and ease-of-use, reducing training time and helping to control business costs.

Microsoft Forefront

An Emphasis On Securability

By concentrating much of its efforts on the integration and management aspects of security—the "securability"of the infrastructure—Forefront helps organisations:

  • Centralise security management
  • Prevent misconfiguration
  • Deploy security pervasively
  • Gain a unified view into network security

Addressing these issues makes the network more secure—the configurations are correct, security is deployed where it needs to be, instead of where it is easiest to do so, and your security administration console helps you to see what is happening across your network.

Unified data collection, reporting, and analytics across the product line helps administrators ensure that your data protection is compliant with your organisation's security policies and consistent with strict regulatory requirements. This also minimises the need for expensive training and retraining of administrative staff in a variety of unrelated management and reporting consoles.

By offering multi-level integration with your existing IT infrastructure and simplified, centralised management, Microsoft Forefront business security products provide greater protection and control so that you can deliver a more secure environment for your business users.