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Microsoft Open Value Licensing

An Open Value agreement may be the right choice for you if:

  • Your organisation is small or medium-sized
  • You have two or more PCs
  • You want to spread your payments
  • You want Software Assurance built in as standard.

How does it work?

Begin an Open Value agreement with a minimum of five licences of any mix of products, or, by choosing products from either the Desktop Professional Platform or Small Business Platform.

The cost of your product licences are fixed, and payments are split equally over 3 years. With Open Value you also have the choice of renting your licences to further reduce the cost of your software.

Compare Open Value Agreements


Open Value

Open Value Company Wide

Open Value Subscription


Simple purchasing plan, with a low entry level and optional Software Assurance
Enables you to spread your licence payments and receive the benefits of Software Assurance Easier licence management, spread payments, Software Assurance included, choice of two platforms (Small Business or Microsoft Professional) Suitable if you want to rent your licences for cost or project reasons. Has low entry cost and includes Software Assurance, giving you instant access to the latest technology across your desktops

Entry Level

5 Licenses 5 Licenses 5 PCs 5 PCs

Contract Term

2 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years

Payment Term

Upfront in full Payment split over three years Payment split over three years Payment split over three years

Upgrading Products

Optional purchase Software Assurance Software Assurance Software Assurance

Do you own the software rights after the agreement expires?

Yes Yes. Option to renew agreement for another three years. Yes. Option to renew agreement for another three years. No. You can renew the agreement for another three years, or choose to buy the licences, or remove the software when the agreement expires.