Iomega Storcenter ix12-300r

Iomega StorCenter ix12-300r Network Storage

Iomega extends its StorCenter product family with the addition of a 12-bay Network Storage Array in 2U rack form factor. The Iomega StorCenter ix12-300r Network Storage Array offers easy-to-use, powerful and affordable network storage for any workgroup, department or small-to-medium sixed business. Powered by enterprise-class EMC Lifeline software, the StorCenter ix12-300r includes many enterprise-class features such as device-to-device asynchronous replication to ensure data integrity at both the source and the replication target.

Quad-Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and an Intel Core 2 Duo dual core processor, plus link aggregation (port bonding) offer extremely high throughput. Its robust connectivity allows simultaneous multi-protocol file and iSCSI block-level access. Data integrity and continuous availability is assured with RAID 0,1,5,6 or 10, hot swap hard drives and automatic re-build, dual hot swap power supplies and redundant variable-speed hot swap cooling fans. The StorCenter ix12-300r is an ideal candidate for e-mail and database applications or as a fast backup target. The StorCenter ix12 supports PC, Mac and Linux hosts as well as iSCSI and is VMWare and XenServer certified for NFS & iSCSI. It is also certified for Windows Server and is Microsoft Exchange 2010 ESRP listed.

Available in two basic configurations starting at 4TB and 8TB the StorCenter ix12 can easily be expanded up to 24TB in a single array utilising disk expansion packs available in 4TB (4x1TB disk) or 8TB (4x 2TB disk) options.

Key Features

  • Flexibility - Utilise the StorCenter ix12 as NAS, SAN or DAS supporting iSCSI (Block & File), NFS, CIFS, AFP & WEBDav
  • Data Integrity & Protection - Configure in RAID 0, 1, 5 & 10 with fully automated re-builds, UPS support, hot swap replaceable hard drives, device-to-device replication and Enterprise Class EMC Lifeline operating system.
  • Economy & Expansion - Available in a minimum configuration of 4TB (4x1TB disks) and easily scaled up to 24TB is a single array, multiple file systems and/or iSCSI LUNs.
  • High Performance & High Availability - Performance architecture through 2GB RAM and Intel Core2Duo CPU and high availability via quad Ethernet connectivity, dual PSU & redundant cooling.
  • Sophisticated Networking - Ethernet port bonding supports load balancing, high performance bandwith aggregation or failover along with VLAN tagging for security & manageability.
  • Powerful Management Capability - Simple setup via EMC Lifeline GUI, email event notification, remote access, SNMP & ADS.
  • Server Class Pedigree - Certified for VMWare vSphere 4.0, Citrix XenServer, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 & Windows Server 2008R2.

The StorCenter ix12-300r basic configurations are supported by additional upgrades and spares.

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