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Impero at Insight UK


...of the company network into the right hands with Impero and maximise efficiency.

Control, manage and monitor network resources and users from one location with a comprehensive and intuitive interface. Impero is a feature-rich single download with the fastest remote control technology available.  View and monitor screens from a single point in a variety of overview formats and set up easy-to-establish access policies for groups and individuals. Its unique word capture capability proves policy violations but Impero is about much more than blocking, filtering and firewalls. Essential in today's knowledge-based economy it increases collaborative work practices with shared work tools including screen broadcast, fast file transfer including applications and websites and instant questions and messaging. Start networking effectively today and make the right connections for your business.

Impero Screenshot

Block: Firewall & filtering of inappropriate areas plus access rights.

Collaborate: Broadcast your screen to others invite others to take control and ask questions and send surveys.

Audit: Asset tracking including audit hardware and software, print credit control saves paper and toner.

Profit: Increase return on investment with low energy use, no additional hardware and no costly add-ons.

Did you know over £800* PA per employee is lost in productivity by staff spending time on social network sites?
(*Guardianunlimited/work 12.08.10)