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System P Series

System p known for their computing power, IBM System p servers and workstations are based on IBM POWER7 processors with industry-leading technology that is proven across a wide range of applications. System p is ideal for AIX and Linux users who demand powerful, flexible and secure computing systems which deliver excellent performance without compromising system affordability.

Power Systems - Redefining the benchmarks against which performance is measured New POWER7 processor-based systems represent a true leap forward to more intelligent UNIX® servers that minimize complexity, automate processes, and reduce energy consumption, downtime and other operational costs. On a smarter planet these are the only benchmarks that matter

Minimizing complexity, improving efficiency, and scaling easily

These are the benchmarks that matter on a smarter planet. Clients using IBM Power Systems gain lower TCO and more resilient infrastructure than those who use other UNIX® or x86 systems because Power delivers:

  • An innovative, dependable technology road map
  • Scalable performance with easy-to-grow modular systems
  • Broad business solutions options with choice of UNIX, IBM i and Linux®
  • Efficient virtualization for server consolidation and lower cost
  • Flexible workload optimization for rapid cloud infrastructure deployment
  • Trusted migration expertise for Sun and HP users and for x86 server consolidation

The platform of choice for value with the right technology partner

From reliability and virtualization features inspired by IBM's unrivaled success in mainframe systems to unique energy savings capabilities a Power solution can help you get the most from your IT assets so end users are enabled quickly through a cost-effective infrastructure with around-the-clock availability.

Businesses around the world are moving to Power Systems in order to

  • Maximize return on investment: IBM designs and develops the core technologies in Power Systems and delivers them through a reliable road map for both hardware and systems software.
  • Reduce cost and increase flexibility: IBM's unique 40-year history of virtualization leadership is delivered on Power Systems through PowerVM technologies that enable clients to dramatically reduce costs by virtualizing everything in the data center.
  • Get consistent and predictable performance: Power Systems delivers high performing processors and system scalability with leadership benchmarks achieved in a virtualized environment.

According to IDC, Power Systems leads in worldwide UNIX server revenue share.1 Businesses migrate to the latest generation of Power Systems in order take advantage of the exceptional performance, scalability and reliability of today's POWER® processor-based servers with the added plus of Power Systems Software in order to improve flexibility and availability as well as reduce overall infrastructure costs.

The predictable delivery of innovation through the POWER processor road map and IBM's commitment to investment in AIX®, IBM i and Linux operating systems on Power with more than 15,000 supported applications provides clients with the confidence that Power Systems are the right choice, for now and for the future.

Power is integrated value

A totally integrated approach to the design, development, and testing of each and every Power server ensures the resiliency required for today's IT infrastructure. All POWER7® and POWER6® server models include innovative reliability, availability and serviceability features that help you avoid unplanned downtime. And, with Capacity on Demand, Hot-Node Add and Hot-Memory Add Power Systems enterprise servers ensure you can keep your most important applications available, even as you add capacity to handle new business demands.

Power Systems are also optimized with the ability to securely run multiple applications on AIX, i and Linux operating systems on a single server so you can manage fewer systems with lower cost and higher utilization. No longer do you need to manage complex and energy inefficient server farms with each server dedicated to a single application or operating environment. Now you can consolidate workloads and significantly reduce costs throughout your infrastructure, while dramatically improving your ability to meet changing processing demands.

Power Systems software options enable you to manage both physical and virtual environments, including the capability to control data center energy usage and orchestrate processing resources to better meet business goals. And, Power solutions are designed to provide you with a road map to continuous availability of mission-critical applications even when an expected or unexpected interruption occurs.