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EVault Solutions Suite

EVault Software, appliances, and SaaS all use the same technology—so you can easily mix and match, or switch among them.

At the Core: EVault Cloud-Connected Storage Solutions

Expand the Ecosystem: EVault Companion Products and Services

EVault Software:

EVault Replication Products and Services:

A highly efficient and secure disk-to-disk backup and recovery solution trusted by thousands of customers globally to protect mission-critical data and keep their businesses running. Replicate backup data from your onsite EVault software deployment to a separate location or to the EVault cloud via a completely secure, bandwidth-optimised transfer process.

EVault Plug-n-Protect:

EVault System Restore:

Our award-winning all-in-one backup and recovery appliance pre-configured with storage and a suite of EVault software products for the fastest path to comprehensive data protection. A bare metal restore solution for quickly recovering an unusable system, restoring both systems and data in a single pass onto similar or dissimilar hardware, or onto a virtual machine.

EVault for DPM:

EVault Real-Time Protection:

All-in-one backup and recovery appliance that combines the unified data protection for Windows servers and clients provided by Microsoft System Centre Data Protection Manager (DPM) with EVault's robust protection and optional cloud connectivity for non-Microsoft platforms. A continuous data protection (CDP) solution that tracks system changes and generates recovery points as often as every five minutes to minimise data loss on transactional and other high-volume servers.

EVault SaaS:

EVault Remote Disaster Recovery Service:

World-class, automated online backup and recovery service, with a range of offerings to meet the needs of small, midsize, and large organisations. Includes a Small Business Edition for Windows environments. A hosted service that quickly recovers key servers and data after a site disaster, and provides remote access to them in a secure virtual environment. A team of experts prepares you for, and guides you through, the recovery process.

EVault Managed Services:

EVault Express Recovery Appliance:

Customisable, online backup and recovery managed service for mid-size businesses that require a full-service, externally resourced data protection infrastructure. On your site or in our cloud. A preconfigured appliance, managed by i365 but located onsite, that backs up EVault SaaS data onsite and replicates to the EVault cloud, ensuring faster, local backups and restores as well as offsite disaster recovery.