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Start with Your Challenges, End with Our Solutions

The right storage solution keeps your critical data safe and accessible under any circumstances, without dragging down operations. When you glide through business interruptions with your electronic treasures intact, relying on an automated system that runs exceptionally lean, you're better fit to thrive. You'll satisfy the always-on demands of your customers and employees, and you'll comply with internal policies and external regulations regarding security, privacy, accessibility, and retentions. The right storage solution will protect and restore your vital data, applications, and systems—and do it quickly, efficiently, reliably, securely, and cost-effectively. No panicking. No pressure. No problem.

Your Data Protection Challenges Are Our Business.

Changing business requirements

Because we've managed backup and recovery for so many customers for so many years, we know first-hand all the data protection challenges you face in the real world.  We design our EVault solutions to take care of every one. How is backup and recovery affected by your growing operations, new and updated business processes, and increasingly complex IT infrastructure? As your needs evolve, you want a storage solution that ensures a continuous, seamless operating experience.

Complex, mixed platform, multi-site environments

Different data, different value

If your organisation is like many, you're faced with protecting multiple platforms across multiple sites. You need a backup and recovery solution that supports heterogeneous environments, is WAN-optimised to transfer data rapidly, and offers end-to-end security. If all your systems, applications, and data are not equally critical, you need tiered recovery capabilities so you can treat them appropriately depending on their value.

Explosive data growth

Business system costs

A growing mountain of data can derail your storage strategy, especially if the burden is borne by legacy or under-performing tape-based tools. You need backup and recovery technologies that minimise the amount of data you transfer and store, and speed all the related processes. When managing your IT resources, you may prefer to invest in an on-premise software infrastructure and incur the upfront capital costs that go with it. Or you might opt for the "pay as you go" model and low upfront costs of a cloud-based solution. With EVault, that choice is yours.