Google Docs

Google Docs

Why businesses use Google Docs to collaborate on files more smoothly

Google Docs improves the quality of output by enabling collaboration and discussion of the document simultaneously-- multiple people in multiple locations can view, discuss, and edit the same document from anywhere at any time. It also reduces duplicate work and confusing document tracking and version control issues while simultaneously eliminating the concern of exceeding disk space and inbox quotas with the standard back and forth emailing procedure. Furthermore, Google Docs has secure sharing. Each Google Doc requires a login so you don't have to worry about information getting into the wrong hands. All of your Docs are always available online within the Doclist.

Protect your company's documents

Administrators have fine-grained controls to manage how broadly employees can share corporate documents.

Work together without the hassles of attachments

Coworkers can share the same online copy of each doc, spreadsheet or presentation. All revisions are saved and recoverable.

Present and publish through the web

Presentations can be delivered to remote audiences, and documents and spreadsheets can be published internally for employees to view.

Interoperate with traditional file formats

Import and collaboratively edit or publish from .doc, .xls, .csv, .ppt, .txt, .html, .pdf and other formats. You can export as well.