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Bedrijven zijn constant op zoek naar manieren om zakelijke processen te verbeteren. Flexibiliteit, veiligheid en productiviteit zijn uitgangspunten waar Insight voor staat. Insight is een vertrouwd adviseur voor haar klanten en helpt hen hun belangrijkste organisatorische knelpunten te verbeteren. Van sterk advies tot implementatie van grote projecten, Insight is in staat om de juiste diensten en expertise bij elkaar te brengen om aan uw IT wensen te voldoen.

Insight is toegewijd aan het ontwikkelen en onderhouden van strategische lange termijn handelsrelaties met onze klanten

New chip to create slimmer devices

New chip to create slimmer devices

Mobile phones could become slimmer with longer lasting batteries due to a new technology developed by Intel.

By combining a Wi-Fi transceiver with a dual-core Atom processor, mobile phones can become more compact while still offering all the up-to-date technology and gadgets consumers have come to expect.

The new chip, codenamed Rosepoint, might also mean that models could come with a smaller price tag.

Radio components like Wi-Fi chips are difficult to miniaturise as they are usually based upon complex analogue circuitry.

Intel has attempted to tackle this by producing a digital radio frequency (RF) which can be shrunk as chip parts become smaller.

Intel's chief technology officer, Justin Rattner, says the chips will have "state of the art power efficiency" and that "with a digital approach to radio, you can bring the benefits of Moore's law to RF and radio circuits".

However, the chip still has some design issues as there are difficulties in combining wireless radio and CPUs as both can emit disruptive radiation.

"This radiation seeps into the RF module and corrupts the data. The closer they are, the more interference is going to go to them." said Hossein Alavi, director of Intel's Radio Integration Lab.

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