myEA at Insight UK

Year 3

1) Renewal


As your agreement comes to a close, you'll receive a renewal kit that details your renewal options and walks you through exactly what you need to do to renew your Enterprise Agreement for another 1 – 3 year term.


2) In the 1st Quarter – Start your long term IT architecture planning


3) In the 1st 2nd Quarter – Use all your Software Assurance Benefits before they expire.


Microsoft Enterprise Customer Care will continue to send quarterly Software Assurance statements so you can see which benefits are available, which ones you've used and what you have remaining to use.


4) Before your 3rd anniversary : Plan your 3rd True-Up


As your anniversary date approaches, we'll send you information that will help guide you through your Third True-Up process.


5) Before your Enterprise Agreement Expires: Plan your renewal


Renewing your Enterprise Agreement gives you continued access to better pricing, predictable payment options, software management tools, and a licensing agreement that grows with your business.


Expect to receive:


  • True-Up reports – This includes a summary of your licenses and a checklist to help you with the process.
  • Licensing Communications
  • Benefit Statements
  • Newsletters