myEA at Insight UK

Year 2

1) In the 1st  Quarter: Complete your Infrastructure Optimisation assessment


Infrastructure optimisation can help improve operational efficiency, provide better support for your business activities and help you identify projects that can lead to immediate cost savings.


2) In the first 2nd quarter: Take advantage of all of your Software Assurance Benefits


Take advantage of benefits like E-learning, New Version Rights, and Home Use Program
Look for quarterly Software Assurance statements so you can track all the benefits you've used.


3) Develop a Software Asset Management Strategy


This helps manage your assets, increases efficiency, and eases the True-Up process.


4) Take advantage of Step-Up license availability


Your Enterprise Agreement also entitles you to valuable benefits you can use during the management stage of your agreement including Step-Up License Availability. This allows you to step-up from your current software to a higher-level edition of certain products – and only pay the difference, not the full license cost.


5) Before your 2nd anniversary – Plan your second True-Up


Information will be sent to you to guide you through your second True-Up process. We also recommend implementing a Software Asset Management process to help you manage your software and streamline your next True-Up.


Expect to receive


  • True-Up reports – This includes a summary of your licenses and a checklist to help you with the process.
  • Licensing communications
  • Benefits statements
  • Newsletters