Insight Licensing Partner - Symantec

Insight Licensing Partner - Symantec

Designed to streamline the purchase of Symantec software and support offerings

With over 120 Technical and Sales Accredited Symantec Specialists, Insight are a Platinum partner to Symantec with dedicated Account Managers offering pre and post sales support and highly competitive pricing on ALL Symantec product ranges. Insight are also part of the Symantec ExSP (Enterprise xService provider) programme.

Symantec programs provide customers with a consistent and flexible way to purchase Symantec availability and security software and support and maintenance service options. The programs are designed to reduce administrative costs, accelerate procurement capabilities.

Symantec Licensing Programs

Symantec Rewards 

The Rewards program offers mid-size and large customers volume-purchase incentives, a predictable pricing methodology, regardless of volume, and the added bonus of the ease and flexibility of centralised purchasing.
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Symantec Enterprise Options 

These programs provide large companies with flexible deployment rights, dynamic online tracking and reporting, with negotiated volume discounts plus the choice of flexible support and maintenance offerings.
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Symantec Express 

Designed especially for small to mid-size companies that need an easier way to purchase small license quantities for use within a single country, without time-consuming negotiations.
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Symantec Government 

Offer customers a more streamlined way to procure all Symantec products, plus support and maintenance service options.
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Symantec Academic 

Offer government-approved institutions and charitable organisations throughout the world a more streamlined way to purchase Symantec software products, and support and maintenance options.
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Symantec Academic Subscription 

The Symantec Academic Subscription Program offers government-approved academic institutions a flexible way to purchase software licenses that are bundled with Essential Support (24x7) on a subscription basis.
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The Symantec Buying Programs

Symantec Enterprise xSP Buying Program (ExSP) provides service partners with the ability to use specific Symantec software to provide their integrated services to their customers. 

This program is targeted at Partners that are primary Outsourcers, Internet Service Providers, or Managed Service providers. 
The ExSP program is designed to provide partners with the flexibility of bundling the benefits of our software with their services. It allows partners to better match the usage of the solution and their payment schedules. 

Key Benefits

  • As software is used, partners pay Symantec.
  • Monthly pay-as-you-go monthly subscription license model
  • Quarterly in-arrears payment and reporting

Pricing Bands

  • Pricing Bands that are based upon points on quarterly invoices
  • Higher bands-levels can earn better pricing
  • Points are assigned to the SKU