Insight Licensing Partner - CA

Insight Licensing Partner - CA

CA ARCserve – easy to purchase...

Insight were the 1st  EMEA wide CA Platinum Partner, are one of CA's top 5  Reseller partners in the UK, Winner of the CA "Volume Partner of the Year" Award (08) and one of only four  "Authorised ARCServe Managed Service Provider" resellers.

CA's new simplified licensing model offers the strong technical features of CA ARCserve Backup r12.5 in five easy-to-understand suites:



CA ARCserve Backup is available in three pricing models:

A la Carte
Buyer Type: Systems Administrator.
Purchased by technology component allowing the customer to purchase exactly what they want.

Simplified Licensing
Buyer Type: IT Manager 3-50 server environment.
4 Suites sold by server role: File server, apps server, database server and email server (Virtual Machine is included in File server). A simple and transparent license, with all the technology the customer needs and is 'future proof'.

Managed Capacity Pricing
Buyer Type: Business Owner tends to be sold in 50+ server environment.  Pricing is based on addressable storage as seen by the applications and operating systems.
In addition to the already attractive suite pricing, the CA Xtra Value Deal is including CA XOsoft Replication and one year of maintenance with every CA ARCserve suite that you purchase. That adds up to a potential saving of 70%!

CA Xtra Value Deal:

With the CA ARCserve "Xtra Value Pack" Offer, CA combines the simplicity of CA ARCserve Backup Suites with the added benefits of CA XOsoft Replication. 

Xtra Value Pack Includes

1 X CA ARCserve Backup Suite,

2 X CA XOsoft Replication Enterprise OS

CA ARCserve Dashboard

File Server Suite

Resource Management
Dashboard with SRM NEW!
Central Management Option
Media Management
Media Assure ReportingNEW!
Security Management
Access Control and Auditing NEW!
Key Management NEW!
AES 256 3-Tier Encryption

Virtualisation Management
Virtual Machines Protection - Microsoft Hyper-V, XEN
Direct From Tape Granular Restore NEW!
Storage Network Management
SAN Option
Serverless Backup Option

Device Management
Backup to Disk
Disk Staging Option (VTL)
Tape Engine
Tape Library Option
Tape Raid Option
Optical Library Option
Enterprise Option for StorageTek ACSLS
Enterprise Option for IBM 3494
Enterprise Option for VSS Hardware Snap-Shot
Data Management
Data Deduplication NEW!
Client for VSS software Snap-Shot
Client Agent for Windows
Client Agent for UNIX
Client Agent for Linux
Client Agent for FreeBSD
Client Agent for MAC OS X
Client Agent for NetWare
Open File Agent on Windows
Open File Agent on Netware
Disaster Recovery Option
Data Multiplexing
Image Option
Enterprise Option for Open VMS
Enterprise Option for AS/400
Plus Plus Plus

Email Server Suite
Database Server Suite
Application Server Suite
Files Server Suite
Files Server Suite Files Server Suite
Plus Plus Plus
(Exchange Premium Add-On)
Lotus Notes
MS SharePoint

Virtual Machine Suite - NEW!

Single SKU License per Virtual Machine, containing all technologies need to protect VMs from any vendor - using agents or through hypervisor
Microsoft Hyper-V
Client Agent, Open File Agent, VSS Snapshot
Direct From Tape Granular Restore NEW!