Choosing the right Desktop Computer

When the time comes to purchase a new desktop computer, the options can be baffling. In their marketing literature, every manufacturer is shouting about the latest and greatest features, and the myriad of acronyms and numbers can be perplexing, even intimidating to the less technically minded. You may be left thinking, "How many of these features do I really need? How do I know if this computer will be suitable for my work?"

In this brief guide, we hope to cut through the endless sea of specifications by taking you, step-by-step, through just a few simple questions, which will help you single out the key features you actually need, to ensure you can select the perfect desktop computer.

The all important question:

What will you use this desktop for?

The applications you will be using on the computer should govern your decision above all else. After all, what use is a lovely new PC which runs like a dream, but won't run your key applications?
Once you have the applications you will be using clear in your mind, you are ready to start choosing some options.


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