According to Gartner, this year, companies worldwide will spend 389 billion on software. Nevertheless, proactive software management as a full-fledged asset is far from commonplace. Especially for large companies it is difficult to map out their software estate and license position.

Suppliers are constantly changing their complex licensing models, and with a possible switch to the cloud things will not be easier. Over procurement and under-utilisation of both on-premise and cloud software continues to be a challenge. This entails major financial risks, partly because the number of software audits has increased in recent years.

Meet the Experts

Do you recognize these challenges and would you like help negotiating your next software contract or guidance on how to avoid incompliancy or Indirect Access fees?

Join us for The Meet the Experts Summit 2019. At this event we will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to effectively manage your licensing estate, allowing you to make more informed decisions when your next software licensing contract is up for renewal.

Topics covered :

  • A forward looking view on the next five years and how software licensing will evolve to meet the demands of a cloud centric world
  • Aligning investment to your actual strategic priorities
  • How to maximise your software investment
  • Cloud management and cost management tools available to you

1:1 Meetings with our License Consultants

The Summit will also offer pre-booked customised 1:1 meetings with our Licensing Consultants. Click here to learn more and secure your meeting.

Who should attend:

  • Procurement Managers/Directors
  • SAM Managers
  • Public and private sector practitioners

Why attend:

  • Gain a better understanding of the software landscape, how the changes will impact your licensing strategy as well as how to leverage cost management tools to benefit you.
  • Meet with our licencing experts; 1:1 consulting sessions with a vendor specific specialist to discuss your current software challenges and how to solve them.
  • Network with your peers to share best practice.
  • Hear about key issues facing customers around software licencing and how to develop a future-proof software strategy.

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