Sophos Encryption

Your confidential data needs protection, and you've got to prove it’s protected to the regulators. We give you encryption options, and they all help you build security policies. And, your users can securely access, share, store and recover that data.

SafeGuard Enterprise

Data protection everywhere that’s easy to manage

  • Protects all of your devices from desktops, laptops to removable media and more
  • Allows authorized users to share data securely and easily
  • Automatically supports Opal self-encrypting drives, manages Bitlocker and applies software encryption to your Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP computers, and encrypts Macs too
  • Uses Active Directory to import user and device information, synchronize and schedule tasks
  • Produces detailed logs and compliance reports on users and encrypted devices

What you can do with SafeGuard Enterprise

  • Management Center manages your modules
  • Device Encryption lets you encrypt laptops and desktop PC's
  • Encryption for Cloud Storage secures files uploaded to web storage
  • Data Exchange encrypts files to removable media for secure sharing
  • Encryption for File Shares makes sure that sensitive data on your servers stays safe
  • Configuration Protection controls your PC ports and file types
  • Partner Connect lets you manage external encryption products

The best performance and the same great protection

  • Our fast-initial encryption algorithm saves you time when you first encrypt your computer's hard drives
  • We use your computers’ multicore processors and our accelerated algorithm, to encrypt and decrypt data up to 30% faster—so your users get the data they need faster
  • Our encryption software works with Intel Advanced Encryption Standard Instructions (AES-NI)—so newer encrypted computers are as fast as they can be

We'll help you stay secure

  • Certified with FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria
  • Get regular updates and new release upgrades
  • ou'll have access to our technical experts—whenever you need them

Sophos EndUser Data Suite

Sophos EndUser Data Suite

The EndUser Data Suite combines DLP and encryption capabilities across email, endpoints, and mobile devices to provide you with a complete solution for protecting data. It makes secure data sharing easy with our full-disk, file and email encryption. And it stops accidental data loss with sensitive data scanning that’s built into our desktop antivirus and email protection.

And because it’s all from Sophos it works better together. And it’s so simple to use, you’ll actually turn it on—delivering best protection that saves you time and money.

Key features

  • Combines EndUser Protection with Data and Email protection—all in one license
  • Integrated full-disk, file and email encryption
  • Consistent DLP policies across endpoint and email
  • Complete endpoint threat protection that includes web filtering; application, device and data control; and patch assessment
  • Mobile device management to keep your data secure on all your users' mobile devices
  • Our SophosLabs analysts constantly monitor and fine-tune detection for you—keeping an eye on websites to avoid threat, spam and more
  • One vendor to call for 24/7 expert certified support

The EndUser Data Suite includes:


  • Protect your data with our proven full-disk encryption technology
  • Easily deploy and manage encryption within your endpoint console
  • Setup policies to encrypt email containing sensitive data before it leaves your organization
  • Keep users happy and productive with fast encryption algorithms utilizing the latest technology
  • Reduce help desk calls with single sign-on and local self-help for password recovery
  • Quickly and easily encrypt files, email attachments and files saved to USB sticks (PrivateCrypto)

Data Control

  • Prevent accidental loss of sensitive data with integrated DLP in the endpoint and email gateway
  • Stop data leaking through removable storage devices, browsers, email, and instant messaging
  • Utilize hundreds of pre-packaged data definitions to set up effective policies out of the box
  • Customize your content control lists and keep them consistent across your endpoints and mail gateway
  • Manage data control policies centrally and deploy across your entire estate or by group

Mobile Device Management

  • Enable secure access to corporate email and data from smartphones and tablets
  • Control policy on iPhones, iPads, Android devices, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile
  • Prevent data loss on mobile devices with policies for auto locking and strong passcodes
  • Track, lock and wipe lost or stolen devices to prevent data from falling into the wrong hands
  • Manage apps with your own enterprise app store

Endpoint Security

  • Stop threats before they can take hold of your systems to steal sensitive data
  • Control removable devices to prevent potential data loss incidents and malware infections
  • Keep applications under control and patched to reduce risk and vulnerabilities
  • Enjoy top performance from a single engine for threat and data protection
  • Protect all your platfroms from Win95 to Win 8, as well as Macs, Linux, UNIX and virtualized systems