Toshiba's new mobile print solution

Toshiba has unveiled its new mobile print solution from Drive - the Drive Print Mobility Manager - designed to help improve business productivity.

The new driverless solution allows people using smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops etc to send their documents by e-mail so that they can be printed off a device with the help of Mobility Manager.

A Drivve Print app also helps users to print their documents from their web-enabled mobile device.

The new print solution also ensures that the documents sent by the user for printing are secure by verifying user credentials.

Joseph Contreras, director, Product and Solutions Marketing, Toshiba America Business Solutions, said: "We're proud to be able to add the Drive Print solution to our portfolio.

"Recent statistics show that more than 20% of information workers spend three hours a day using smartphones for work. Drive Print provides the flexibility needed to conduct business and print anytime, anywhere without being tied to the office printer."